Experience, and the evidence says it's VALID. 

Something I have been working on for a while is the streamlining process of virtual assessments.  Even though I am not able to be hands-on with you (to assess muscle balance etc), with the very high quality video that modern devices can deliver, I can still to a very high level see where your patterning issues may be arising, and this can be supported by video based muscle balance testing.   

The virtual assessments can be targeted for performance gains AND movement-specific pain.

bioSPORT 1:1 Virtual Sessions (GAIT AND BIKE) consist of the following:

  • EVIDENCE BASED treatment and advice.
  • Detailed PDF file sent to outline how you need to video yourself
  • Sport-specific questionnaire 
  • Muscle balance testing - sport-specific via Zoom.
  • Bike fit changes advice.  This is a little tricky, but since we know there are NO absolutes when it comes to bike fitting we can get you pretty dialled in. 
  • Mastery around core/pelvic stability PDF sent, with education on how to apply to your dynamic lifestyle.
  • Education on walking mechanics for runners (this is a MUST if you're a runner/triathlete)
  • Home exercise files as needed


  1. $220/hr INITIAL CONSULT via Zoom - Gait and Bike Analysis
  2. $150/hr follow-up Zoom calls
  3. $130/hr FLAT STUDENT RATE for follow-up calls.
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