It's probably NOT the bike.


I have worked/are working with some of NZ's top cyclists. Pro's, age groupers, track and triathletes.  All with very different needs.  Not just dialling in their position, but ensuring that HOW they're sitting on the bike, HOW they're pedalling and how they're getting aero is as efficient as possible.  

There is FAR too much value placed on the bike fit only.  Sorry, but it's true.  You can move a saddle a few mm, drop a stem 5mm but that doesn't make much of/if any difference to how the muscles are working.  In fact I see too many riders 'chasing' their bike fit to resolve an issue, when it's the way they're pedalling/stabilising on the bike that is causing the problems.

The pedalling circle is SUPER complex.  It is absolutely NOT push down/pull up.  It's the 'where' are you driving down from, 'what' is generating force on the up stroke, what are the pelvis and trunk doing - especially when fatigued.  Look up Lombard's Paradox to get a clue on what I'm talking about. 

The evidence behind bike fitting is ambiguous. There is no one position we try and get all riders in to.  In some cases it's a process.  But the key is identifying what is causing the issue (performance or pain), vs just addressing the site of the issue. 

bioSPORT Bike Fitting/Analysis appointments all consist of the following:

  • EVIDENCE BASED testing and bike fitting/cleat placement
  • Relative history screening, including gym programming
  • Analysis via hi-res/120 frames per sec video
  • Muscle balance testing to identify root cause weaknesses/imbalances (static and dynamic testing)
  • Specific cueing relative to your needs
  • Home/gym exercise file
  • Voice over video file summary so you can see what I see.
  • Email communication for further feedback.


 Bike doesn't feel quite right. Or it's a new bike that's close to, but not quite dialled in like your old one.  Or you're getting some low grade pain on the bike.

Static vs dynamic testing, and looking at the key musculature involved with the pedal stroke can typically provide a fairly clear picture as to where you need to be on the bike. 

COST: $200*



It's all about getting you and the bike to work together.  Detailed analysis of your entire pedal stroke and how the trunk/pelvic position is effecting your efficiency.  It's a two-way street in terms of getting you comfortable, as I have strong opinions on where I feel you should be, but maybe you need time to get that dialled in.  We discuss the process and put strategies in place so you and your bike are harmonious.

As stated previously: it's probably not the bike.  It's you AND the bike.  Let's get you both dialled in.

COST: $350*



Whether you're new to cycling and looking to gain confidence on the bike, or a solid rider with a good background behind you looking for those few practical tips/n/tricks you know you're missing to make you more efficient, the PLUS+ practical session (added on to the end of the Bike Fit/Analysis session*) will allow me to see how you're riding dynamically, and offer advice based on 20+ years experience working with some the country's most elite cyclists.  

* Weather independent unless it's determined to be unsafe, in which case we'll find another hour to ride.



Exactly the same testing protocols and outcomes, but at a rate for the secondary student.  Does not apply to tertiary students. 

1 HOUR TURBO: $150

2 HOUR FULL: $280

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