RUNNING: it's a complicated beast.

Easily one of the most complicated sports on the planet.  And no matter what anyone says, there is no one way to run.  It's about identifying what works best for you to create a stable, efficient and economical running pattern.  Everything we're trying to do with runners is to 'delay the onset of fatigue', as fatigue has a profound effect on your running mechanics which will either effect your performance, or increases the risk of movement-specific pain. 

Why is running so complicated? Ever watched a speed walker at, say, the Olympics?  Especially that one time when the leader was disqualified within sight of the finish line for 'running'?  The judge saw briefly, both feet off the ground, which is ultimately the key differential between walking and running.  So when you have both feet off the ground, aka 'double float phase', everything changes. Your 3-dimensional body needs to have good internal and external control systems.  This is what we assess in our gait analysis testing.

The evidence behind gait retraining is strong. But the key is identifying what is causing the issue (performance or pain), vs just addressing the site of the issue. 

bioSPORT Gait Analysis all consist of the following:

  • EVIDENCE BASED testing
  • Relative history screening, including gym programming
  • Analysis via hi-res/120 frames per sec video
  • Muscle balance testing to identify root cause weaknesses/imbalances (static and dynamic testing)
  • Specific cueing relative to your needs
  • Home/gym exercise file
  • Voice over video file summary so you can see what I see.
  • Email communication for further feedback.


For the low grade, irritating issue.  You know there's something not right, but can't seem to get on top of it.  TURBO is for you.

Still a detailed assessment, with reporting, but not without the need to get into the nitty gritty of the FULL screening. 

COST: $180



The most comprehensive testing protocols available.  Full, detailed screening, with no stone left unturned.  It's the working combination of evidence-based video analysis, muscle balance testing to identify the root cause (coupled with the video analysis) and running-specific exercises to get YOU dialled in

COST: $300

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