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Running Efficiency - An Exercise Prescription game changer.

running running biomechanics running efficiency Jul 12, 2023

In my previous post I wrote about my frustrations on why so many coaches focus on movement economy, vs movement efficiency.  It is well documented that athletes, of all levels, fall into 'fatigue' in major part because of their poor running technique.  And fatigue is when the wheels start to fall off.

So, over the last 4-5 months I have built the Running Efficiency Exercise Prescription programme I am launching next week: Wed 19th July at 6pm.  

As I reference on a regular basis, running is a very complex beast, and it would be a stretch to say that we movement scientists understand all the finer details of the efficient running technique.  WHY? Because we are becoming more and more conscious of the fact that broad brush strokes don't work, or apply.  

BUT, getting efficient has a lot to do with being strong, and being elastic.  For ALL runners.  

So I am creating a library.  A library of all the best running exercises known to wo/man.  But more than just a library, it's a video-based library with highly specific cues on how to achieve the exercises well, and the WHY wrt how the exercise ties in to running efficiency.  

There are 4 levels:

Level 1: Understanding the concept of proximal stability (core), identifying gross left vs right differences, application of these basics in all planes of motion (lying, 4-point kneeling, standing etc). KEY WORD: application

Level 2: Challenging the basics.  Building endurance. Low grade sport-specific.

Level 3: Whole body movement.  Higher level sport-specific.

Level 4: Dynamics.  Plyometrics - building elasticity into the system



Theory and Practice - the ACTUAL 'how' (vs just doing core exercises), diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and (necessarily so) understanding the fundamental of muscle mechanics


The What, the Why and How - Cadence, Leg Stiffness,.......PLUS, downloads on Cadence Fundamentals and how to self assess your gait.


Breaking down barriers on what stretch does not do, on how to be mobile, and how mobility will positively effect your ability to breathe well, and achieve good hip extension. 

So today, in Instagram I posted this, a countdown to Launch Day:

If you subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter there will be discount codes to all future products, and loads of great clinical titbits of information that the internet won't tell you - as in I'll not sell you marketing, I'll give you actual advice w no spin.  

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