onsite sports team/Athlete biomechanical assessments:

With the advent of GoPro technology I now have the ability to offer full movement analysis testing onsite/in situ.  Why take the athlete out of their natural environment in order to gain movement data when there is the possibility that data could be skewed due to environmental factors?  Rain or shine I can record any number of athletes in training anywhere in NZ, or the world.  

Data is stored via the GoPro, then analysed in the SiliconCoach software, so feedback is just a click away.  This then allows identification of 2D movement faults/weaknesses which can then be correlated to muscle balance testing.

The full onsite package includes:

1. Video analysis of the athlete(s) in their natural environment.  This can be land or water based.

2. Immediate feedback to the coach/athlete vi SiliconCoach analysis.

3. Muscle balance testing specific to the sport.  This testing is both static and dynamic.

4. Discussion with the coach/athlete as to the findings (including detailed reporting post-analysis).

5. On site movement education via discussion and exercise prescription.

6. Reporting and feedback communication as required.

Cost: $250/hr + travel time and reporting.


onsite group/team core stability and functional training:

Please contact me directly to discuss options here.  Depending on the space and equipment, I can treat teams at their local training centers.

Cost: $150/hr + travel time