private sessions:

60 or 30 minute treatment times.

$120/$70 casual rates, or $500/$300 for 5 sessions and $1000/$600 for 10 sessions per 60/30min appointment times.

Sitting in the clinical realm between physiotherapy and strength & conditioning, a private biomechanical session is a fusion of the latest research on  human movement understanding and functional core exercises.  What is becoming evident over time as ‘core’ training becomes more widely accepted is that without accuracy and consideration on how the exercises and recruitment relates to the individual, the cross-over to the dynamic environment can be very low.

In order to truly maximise your static and dynamic postures, particularly where patterning may be creating injury or a reduced level of performance, private biomechanical sessions are very outcome focused, with specificity being the defining focus.

Clients have options of single sessions, weekly, monthly or on a casual basis.