Greg pain - applied biomechanist.

Husband, father and Applied Biomechanist.  

I have two feet that find themselves sitting in two pools of thought: living and experience, clinical and research.  Watching my daughters grow and become very active (just like their mum and dad), working clinically with entry-level ‘athletes’ as well as gold medal Olympians, and finding it near impossible to not look at athletes and how they move, I see a huge distance between efficiency of movement and common patterning.

Why can’t an 18 year old runner still move with the same patterning as an 8 year old?  Why do 15 year old cyclists get knee pain, even when riding with restricted ratios? My Mr. Universe statement would be to create a world where children and adults alike can move in a pain-free manner.  Is this achievable?  In my mind – YES.

Oh, and I’m a part-time DJ, executive chef and elite athlete in waiting…..