Greg pain - applied biomechanist.

Father, athlete* and Applied Biomechanist.  

Why can’t an 18 year old runner still move with the same patterning as an 8 year old?  Why do 15 year old cyclists get knee pain, even when riding with restricted ratios? Why do you struggle to maintain even splits when running your marathon? My Mr. Universe statement would be to create a world where children and adults alike can move in a pain-free, efficient manner.  Is this achievable?  In my mind – YES.

I have two feet in two pools of thought: living/experience vs clinical/research. As I watch my daughters grow and become more and more active I start to see the effects of modern/Western living on their movement patterns. I also find myself watching people running and riding on Tamaki Drive every day, of which maybe 10% would be what I would consider to be ‘efficient athletes’. I work with Olympic and World Champion athletes that don’t have the basics of movement and stability mastered. To me this is all unacceptable, so accordingly I’m tapping into my nearly 20 years of clinical experience, observation and application to empower all my patients with the skills, education and strength needed to exceed the requirements of their chosen sport. THAT’S the fundamental goal.

*Definition of ‘athlete’: a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. IE: YOU.